19 Jul, 2008

Installing Windows Mobile from ROM image on a O2 Atom Life (via the MiniSD card)

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Things you will need before you get started:

  1. A working O2 (WMG) Atom Life (Ensure battery is FULLY charged before proceeding)
  2. A copy of a WM ROM that is compatible with your PDA
  3. A Mini SD Card (Less then or equal to 2 GB)

* Remember to backup first before starting, the phone would be HARD RESET.

Getting a copy of the your Windows Mobile ROM

Step 1
Download it

Get a copy of the WM ROM.

* Read the description of the ROM properly. Flashing to an incompatible ROM may cause damages to your device *

Step 2
Uncompress the downloaded file

If you have problem decompressing the downloaded file it could be that you do not have the correct decompression software.

Try installing PEAZIP, a free opensource decompression software that supports multiple compression formats including the popular .rar and .zip

Step 3
Copy to Mini SD

Copy AL1.dio and Boot into a blank MiniSD card and insert MiniSD into you WM Phone.

Step 4
Reboot into boot loader

Press and hold the RECORD button(hold on to it) and tap the RESET button

O2 Atom Life (Bootloader)

O2 Atom Life (Bootloader)

Step 5

*DO NOT interrupt the reimaging process. Failing to do so may permanently BRICK your device*

Allow the installation to finish. Device will automatically perform a HARD RESET upon completion

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