07 Jul, 2010

How to view MS Words docs with track changes and comments on an iPad

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For those who have ever tried to view a Microsoft Words documents with the track changes and comments in it will understand the frustration of the lack support for that function when viewed under your shiny new iPad document software such as Pages, Documents to Go or even QuickOffice.

Fret not, here at DotDoh, we have searched the net and have came up with the solution to that.

Who uses such functions in Words anyway?

Plenty. The folks from legal commenting and negotiating overs terms of a contract, bosses commenting on a report suggesting changes to be made, editors rubbishing the works of some author. Basically anyone who needs to collaborate over a document will be able to benefit from this.

So how to view the docs on my Apple iPad ?

The solution unfortunately is not an iPad app, but an online FREE service call Windows Live Skydrive from Microsoft themself as part of their drive for cloud computing. The SkyDrive is an online storage allowing you to store and views Microsoft Office Documents such as Words, Excel and even Powerpoint online, which means that you will have to have internet access to use the service.

Sign up for your free account or login with your current msn / live account at

But I’m on a non-3G iPad

Well, you’re out of luck. Go trade in for a new iPad 3G, tether yourself to a Starbucks / McDonald or anywhere else with WiFi access, or simply buy one of those mobile 3G wifi access points.

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